Email made for deal work.

The first adaptable contract management system that is built entirely on top of your existing toolset. Find documents, check precedents, generate templates, run redlines and gather insights, all without switching out of the tools you're already using.


Meet us at ILTACON 2019

AcuityKM will be in Orlando, FL between August 18th and 22nd for ILTACON 2019. To learn more or see a demo, click below to set up a meeting or swing by our booth in the Startup Hub.

We look forward to seeing you!


High quality legal work, without the friction.

AcuityKM enhances the applications you currently use with a set of powerful AI-powered tools. If you know how to use MS Office or G Suite, you already know how to use AcuityKM.


Your Tools, Upgraded.



easily find any version


Don’t waste time searching your inbox for attachments. Quickly identify all versions of any document sent or received by you.

lightning fast redlines


Pre-processed redlines allow you to seamlessly view changes between versions on any device without any wait time.

everything in context

email chain5.png

Put changes in context by understanding the emails and other communications that lead to them.


Simple, Yet Powerful.


Reduce time from start to sign.
Monitor documents as they move through your pipeline with version tracking, status updates and automatic reminders.

Control costs by catching mistakes early.
Understand how your documents deviate from templates and previous versions so that you can take control of your negotiations and avoid unwanted results.

Closer collaboration between departments and teams.
Connected inboxes make it easy to share information and documents across different working groups and functions.

More efficient workflow.
Manage outstanding items and reduce bottlenecks by assigning team members to documents and tasks and tracking progress.


Our Values.

AcuityKM was started by a tech-enthusiast lawyer and a law-enthusiast technologist. Building on core principles of simplicity, security and adaptability, every one of our decisions is made with the needs and expectations of our users in mind.




We understand that technology adoption is not easy, so we’ve simplified it by integrating with the tools our users are familiar with and eliminating long onboarding processes. Getting started can be as easy as purchasing a plan, installing our solution and opening your email.



Agreements are the foundation upon which businesses are built. We understand their importance and sensitivity, so safeguard them with the same care and diligence as we safeguard our own. AcuityKM employs state-of-the-art techniques including encryption, data segmentation, and third party audits to ensure data is secure.



We know people and organizations are different, so we’ve designed our offering to let us to easily develop and implement solutions based on specific customer needs. Whether you need to know how often a particular template provision gets negotiated, when important contracts expire, or anything else, AcuityKM can make it happen.